Tuesday, August 3, 2010

yee-haw! pj pants

So this is about all I've had time for lately.  We have another couple of months of chaos with the move, but I'm hoping we will settle into some type of normalcy before that.

I made these last weekend while awaiting the arrival of the hub and kids here in Pa.  I picked up this flannel cowboy fabric in the remnant bucket at JoAnn's a while ago.  It's not my favorite and the red on the cowboy hats bled into the white fabric, but I don't think you really can go wrong with $2 pajama pants handmade by mom.

Of course, the kid loved them.  And I tacked on these knee pads for extra-special flair!  I used red jersey knit from an old t-shirt.  I first sewed the pads in place with a regular foot (but a walking foot would be way more helpful here) and then I used my darning foot to sew the (semi)horizontal lines.  Just the idea of all that stopping and turning put me to sleep, so I used the darning foot to free-motion the lines.  The lines aren't as straight and even, but the process was a lot quicker.  And I kind of like the look of the improv, wonky lines.

Another need filled using mom's skills.  But I think that I should consider investing in higher quality fabric . . . maybe when the kids get older and start to actually care.