Sunday, November 3, 2013

{my} new blue slippers

I just love this pattern!  I used it to make these green slippers a while ago, but they turned out a little small.  I gave the green ones to my mom.  Since it has been a lot cooler around here lately and the hub keeps the house at a chilly 68, I decided to modify the pattern to make a new pair that fit my size 9 feet.

I held two strands together to knit the bottom, the light blue and a neutral cream color.  For the top of the slippers, I used only a single strand of the blue.  After I made my modifications to the bottom to create a bigger sole, I realized that I overcompensated and they were a little too big.  So I slimmed them down just slightly by using only one strand of yarn for the top of the slipper.

I decided to use a ribbed cuff instead of a garter stitch cuff.  I thought this might slim down the slipper a little, too, and ensure the slipper would not slide off my ankle.  The unknown acrylic yarn that I used for the cuff didn't exactly react to the ribbing as I would have liked but oh well.  I just wear a pair of red slipper socks with them to help them fit better and keep my feet super toasty warm.

I love these colors together.

You can find all of my modifications here on Ravelry.

I think the cream colored yarn is an acrylic blend (mostly acrylic) but I don't know the details.  Here are the details for the blue yarn.

yarn name: Paton's Classic Wool
yarn type: 100% wool
colorway: seafoam (blue)
yardage: ~200 yards
needle size: US 9 (5.5mm) for sole, US 8 (5.0mm) for top