Sunday, September 5, 2010

a new (super simple) knit shirt

One of my goals at the beginning of the summer was to make myself a couple of knit shirts.  After my last in-store purchase, I decided that I don't like buying knit shirts from the store for 2 reasons:
  • I don't like spending more than $15 for a shirt and that can't buy me high quality goods.  They wear out too fast.  I have a few clothing staples that I have had for 10-15 years (they cost me much more than $15 back then but I was single and childless and had no better reason on which to spend).  I wish $15 could buy me that.
  • I can't stand being the same as someone else.  It drives me crazy to see someone else wearing my shirt (yes, even if I don't have it on).  So really the only way for me to even have a shot at 100% uniqueness is to design and create my own.
So this shirt is my first shot at a real knit shirt.  Well, I guess I shouldn't call it real shirt because it was ridiculously simple.  Fashion designers would laugh at the simplicity but busy moms will delight in it.  No need for full blown tutorial when there are only 4 steps:
  1. Cut out two pieces of the fabric using the back of another shirt as a pattern.  Build the straps into the pattern.
  2. Cut out the desired neckline from the front piece.  I chose a v-neck for this one.
  3. Serge the sides of the front and back pieces together up to the sleeve holes.
  4. Try on and tie the straps.
I told you it was simple.  I didn't even hem the bottom or sew the "sleeves" or neckline.  This light knit rolls well and I like that look.  Although if I had the patience, I could have sewn around the neckline for a cleaner look.  And I can't believe how well I did matching these stripes on the sides!  I've been waiting for that talent to arrive.

So here I have my first summer knit shirt built completely from scratch just in time for summer fall.  And although it's a little casual, with the right cardigan, it will make a great addition to my desparately-needs-upgrading wardrobe for the new job.

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