Tuesday, October 19, 2010

a new (oversized) patchwork pillow

I finally got to make this pillow as a wedding gift for the hub's sister.  Her wedding was a couple of weeks ago, but I got tied up with the boys' suits and my dress so the pillow had to wait.

It's an oversized pillow, about 19 inches by 37 inches.  Not a body pillow, persay, but close.  I chopped a little off the long edge of the pillow form so the pillow would appear more stuffed.  I like overstuffed pillows.  I also like the look of subtle quilting on a pillow, so I sandwiched a piece of batting between the patchwork top and the lining and quilted a few simple blue lines.  If you want more inspiration for quilted pillows, SewKatieDid has some amazing photos here.  That's where I found my inspiration.

I really like this fabric that I used for the backing (good thing I kept some for myself).  There's nothing like birds and leaves and whimsical tree branches to shout "wedding day" don't you think?

And finally!!!  An invisible zipper that is actually invisible!  If it weren't for the zipper pull, I would bet that no one would even notice.  I've read tutorials on inserting invisible zippers that say to iron the zipper.  But I didn't realize until this project that I had to iron the teeth toward the front of the zipper to allow the zipper foot to get deathly close to the teeth.  Duh.

I added a little personalization to the pillow via applique.  Hopefully you would assume this is their wedding date.  You would be correct.  A personal touch, but to be honest, I should have gone with smaller buttons.  I think the large buttons, although lovely in their own rite, overshadow the numbers.  But at least all the colors match.

Happy Wedding Day Angela & Mike!  The ceremony was lovely and the reception was a blast.  I wish you a very happy life together.

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  1. The pillow is perfect! Luckily I visited your site today for the first time in awhile, because the invisible zipper really is invisible! Didn't even realize it was there until I read this, the pull was hiding somehow! haha Thanks!!