Thursday, November 4, 2010

new fabric from my pa quilt shop

I arrived in western PA four months ago and have been searching for a live quilt shop ever since.  There are no quilt shops in the area which is strange because it's not like we live in the middle of nowhere. Finally I decided to drive 45 minutes to the closest shop.

I don't know how people can buy fabric online.  I guess if you know that you want the latest Tula Pink or Michael Miller, you could really buy it anywhere, including online.  But if you don't know what you are looking for, how can you be sure that the fabric will look the same in person as it does online or will match the coordinating prints you've chosen?  Maybe if you've played this fabric game for a long time, you're just that good.  But I like to feel the fabrics, hold them against one another, look at them in the light.  I enjoy the process of wandering through the shop and wondering what I would make with nearly every piece.  Needless to say, my trips to the quilt shop are hours-long excursions.  But it's part of my process and I enjoy every minute of it.

 Anyhoo, after about 2 hours, I came out with 2 things (pathetic, I know, but I have to consider the budget).  I got this pack of 8-1/2 inch square precuts for $12.50.  There are 33 of them.  I think that's one heck of deal.  The fabric is Arcadia by Sanae for Moda.  I don't think it's an old print, so that may be why it's so cheap.  And if this quilt shop is in the habit of aggressively marking down old prints, it's my new favorite weekend hang-out.  I have no shame when it comes to fabric deals.

Here is a sample of some of the prints.  For the first time, this fabric will be for me.  I have a quilt in mind for my upcoming birthday!

This fabric is Porcelina by Michele D Amore for Marcus Fabrics.  I really like the colors in this print and the dots and the lines and the dots and the colors and the . . . everything.

This will be for a Christmas gift for someone special.  I have an idea in my head that will work it's way out in December.

There is one other quilt shop that I'd like to visit that is 45 minutes in the opposite direction.  I was hoping that I could find one closer to take some classes and meet some fellow quilters.  But for now I will settle for the occasional holiday to these shops.  And since we will move to a more permanent location next summer, I still have plenty of time to strategically plan out that location.

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