Monday, April 9, 2012

wool work skirt {elastic waistband}

 This time last year I bought a ton of fabric an annual Salvation Army fabric sale.  I came home with over 20 yards of fabric for about $60.  Certainly a steal, but it was all wool and polyester blend fabrics that work much better for clothes than for quilting.

So once I heard it was that time of year again, I thought it was high time I actually break into that year-old stash.  I needed a new skirt for work so I decided to a use this woolen; I'm still not sure if the color is more navy or black, but it's definitely gray.  For those of you for fashion inclined than I, I want you to know that I aware that I am one season too late with this garment.  That's really no surprise.

For the most part, I used Simplicity pattern #2698 view I except that I ended up only using 2 pleats on both the front and back instead of 3 after trying it on.  I used knife pleats as the pattern called for, but I stitched them down 5 inches from the top of the waistband.  This took the skirt in a little more but allowed the skirt to flow better on the bottom half.  The real reason I used the pattern was so I could work out the pockets.  I just love the practically of pockets in a skirt.

I also nixed the fitted waistband and added a 3 inch wide elastic waistband in its place.  This was the plan all along.  See, I have this baby bump to work around and the whole point of making a new skirt was to make one that would grow along with me and (hopefully) fit me after October, too.  Beware the addition of elastic, though, especially with thicker fabric.  I have a small bunch in the front part that sticks out a little but wearing a longer shirt takes care of the bulge.

So this skirt is an overall success.  I would make this skirt again, but I would use a fabric that flows better.  At the wrong angle, the skirt makes me look about 4 sizes bigger than I actually am . . . but I suppose that could be the baby bump, too.

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