Saturday, May 22, 2010

gifts from nonna

Each of the boys received a gift in the mail from Nonna (my mother-in-law).  I wasn't home when the boys opened the box, but I hear it was pretty comical.  The two gifts came in a small, approximately 6 x 4 x 2 inch box.  When the hub told Logan that Nonna had sent a gift, he immediately and openly wished for a sewing machine.  That's right!  I'm raising him to want only the important things in life.

She made this button-up shirt from pirate fabric for Logan, and despite the fact that it's just a tad tight, he wears it a lot.  He really does need more collared shirts, so this was perfect. And the skull and crossbones applique adds the bad-boy touch that he often lives up to.

Trenton got this super cute baseball cap.  I would never have thought to make him a hat!  It's lightweight and made of cotton, so it won't be too hot for him to wear all summer.

Very nice work, Nonna.  Thank you for thinking of the boys as recipients of your wonderful crafts . . . but I'm pretty sure you never stop thinking of the boys, period.

 You can read more about Nonna's projects on her blog Sew-Sew Shae.

ps. I haven't posted in a while because I'm working on something big!  I can't post even snippets about it because the lucky recipient reads my blog.

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