Thursday, May 6, 2010

a picnic table fit for little monsters

Logan has been asking me for weeks if he can eat lunch outside.  We have a small table with a broken umbrella on our back deck, but we haven't taken advantage of it yet this summer.  Is it safe to call it summer yet?

I thought about making a quilt for us to take on picnics in the park, but that wouldn't solve our backyard dilemma.  So when I saw these plans on Knock-Off Wood and learned that it only cost her $30 to make (including paint), I got the hub right on it.  Ana is fantastic offers all her plans for free!  I spend large chunks of time after the kids go to bed just searching through all the amazing projects she has built and adding them to my wish list.

This was a single weekend project even with two little monsters stomping around.  The hub put the table together on Saturday and I did the sanding and painting on Sunday. . . with a little help from a tool-loving 4-year-old and his intrigued but cautious little brother.

We used pine to make the table because it was more economical (cheaper) and it turned out very sturdy.  I'm not sure that I could sit on it without it tipping over, but it can hold at least 60 rambunctious lbs on one side.

And it's great for climbing . . .

The orange was Logan's idea.  Well, I let him choose between red and orange and he picked the latter.  I'm surprisingly elated with the color choice; I am absolutely terrible at choosing the right paint color.  Eventually I get it right, but it takes me a couple of tries.  I think I got this one right the first time.  It's Valspar La Fonda Copper and I'm certain this table is one of a kind.

Now all we need is another warm afternoon and some grilled cheese (and maybe a functional umbrella for a little shade) and we can really break in this table.

And I want to be sure and thank a very special husband for supporting all my ideas no matter how crazy.  He did an outstanding job with this table and I am extremely proud of him.


  1. So cute! And the little ones who are using it are even cuter.

  2. Great job on the table Tim and Michelle!!! Logan and Trenton seem to love it!!! WOW, the whole family is creative ... I loved seeing the pictures of those little ones so intent on watching Dad put it together. These are the family times they will remember!!! :)