Wednesday, February 23, 2011

my two assistant cooks

Just like most kids, my two love to help in the kitchen . . . particularly when we make cookies.  So I made them these aprons to keep their clothes as clean as possible during the process.

Trent's apron is made using one fat quarter for the front and some extra solid fabric that I had laying around for the back.  I used another part of a fat quarter to make the pocket.

Yes.  These are cats.  The fish fat quarter was part of the bundle.  We're not a cat family, but I thought this bundle was kinda fun.

I used elastic for the neck band, but of course it ruffles (a point I forgot about when I chose the orange star fabric).  The neck band is a little girly, but I think a 2-year-old can get away with it.

I refashioned Logan's apron from a hand towel.  I have a set of these Crate & Barrel hand towels from years ago.  They are really great to look at but they are not the best for soaking up water.  So I convinced myself one would make a fine apron.

And I added a little apple applique for good measure.

I used some leftover fabric from Logan's lunch box for the pocket.  I love this fabric.  It adds a fun extra pop of color.

The one thing I might do differently next time would be the tie.  I created the tie to mirror my aprons: one long tie so it can be adjusted to pretty much any height and weight.  I can see how this would be necessary for commerical aprons, but it's really unncessary for my 4-year-old.  It's more of a pain than anything because I have to work to adjust it whenever he puts it on.  So next time, I will just make a neck band and regular ties similar to Trent's above.

These should bring us many happy cooking memories.  These aprons have also doubled as clean-up-toys-without-complaining aprons.  I guess they make work more fun, too.

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  1. Sooo cute. I'll bet they are thrilled with the aprons too.