Friday, April 22, 2011

bridal shower gift :: casserole carrier

Here is another gift that I made for the same upcoming bridal shower.  This bride loves to cook, so she will make great use of this casserole dish carrier.

 This carrier is made from a single cut of fabric, quilt batting, and a lining (I used white terry cloth) to resemble a "+" shape.  You can made this carrier using 1 yard of each of the three layers.  Each of the four sides folds into the center to surround the casserole dish.  The sides are secured with Velcro.

I found the idea here at 2 Little Hooligans and used the finished dimensions to make this one.  Melanie's tutorial uses two separate rectangles sewn together, but I decided to use a single piece shaped like a "+" for mine.

Another note:  I used webbing for the straps instead of fabric.  I took 2 yards of webbing and sewed the ends together to form a circle.  I stretched the circle into more of an oval shape with two long straight sides and sewed these long straight sides to bottom of the carrier.  If you use fabric straps like the 2 Little Hooligans tutorial does, you might need a little more fabric.

This was a quick project.  I find myself truely needing one of these only about twice per year, but if I had a customized carrier in a cool modern print, I might just have to find a reason to bake casseroles more often.

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  1. I love the idea with the terry cloth! Thanks!!