Sunday, April 24, 2011

chic & simple jacket

I tackled a pattern came from this book by Christine Haynes for a birthday gift for my sister.

Chic & Simple Sewing by Christine Haynes: Book Cover

This book contains some really great patterns.  Most of the designs do not have fitted elements so this book would be good for beginners, too, but be warned that the instructions have very few illustrations.  Many of the designs have a rectangular body and use a tie around the waste to "fit" the garment.  And I have never seen so many hip and modern designs in one book.  Just about every one of these designs is on my to-do list.

A few things I really like about this jacket:
  1. The raglan sleeves.  I have mentioned before that I love raglan sleeves, particularly on little boys.  I don't get much a chance to add them on my own clothing, so this was a nice change.  And I love how much easier they are to sew on than a set in sleeve.
  2. The sleeve length.  The photo in the book shows these sleeves a little longer.  I think it's because the jacket in the book uses a cotton fabric without a lining and turns the sleeve hem under 1/4 inch twice.  I used a different seam allowance, so my sleeves turned out a little shorter.  But I do like 3/4 length sleeves for springwear.
  3. The jacket length.  I am picky about my jackets being just the right length.  I think this length is pretty good.
  4. The bias tape. I used a neat bluish-green fabric with different colored dots. I love this fabric. I also (surprisingly) did a pretty good job attaching the bias tape.
  5. The gray cordoroy.  I just love cordoroy.  Especially gray.
  6. The tie.  It's a fun element.

I added a lining to the jacket.  The pattern in the book does not have a lining.  I wanted my jacket to have more weight, so I added a lining.  My original intention was to use the bias fabric for the lining, but my brain must have been taking a break when I bought the fabric because I only bought 1 yard.  So I had enough to line the sleeves and that was it.  I bought 3 yards of cordoroy and that was enough for outside and front and back parts of the lining.

I think it's a little inconvenient to have a tie without a way to keep it in place if you have to untie it.  So I added belt loops to each side.

Some things I would change next time:
  1. The sleeve pattern.  There isn't enough ease in the armpit.  This jacket is intended to be worn in the fall probably over a very light, fitted shirt.  In that case, the ease is okay.  But I would add a little extra room in the pit so I can comfortably wear the jacket over thicker shirts, too.
  2. I wish the jacket was a little more fitted.  I will have to research the few other patterns in the book that are a little more fitted to see if I can adapt this pattern a little.
Too bad this jacket isn't for me.  But this project was quick enough that I should be able to whip up another in no time.  I'll be on the look out for a great fabric!

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  1. I just ordered this book from Amazon in the hopes , like you, to make every single thing in it. Great looks that I will actually wear. That jacket is what I want to tackle first. Yours is so cute. Love it. I hope mine looks good like that.