Tuesday, June 21, 2011

baby shower gift :: simple burp cloths

These burp cloths make excellent baby shower gifts.

I've seen this tutorial everywhere, like here and here.  I originally thought it was just too simple to give as a baby shower gift, but then I realized that many people don't realize how little effort these require.   Plus, they use very little fabric, so they are both inexpensive and a potential scrap buster.

Pieces of fabric are sewn to the middle of commerical tri-fold burp cloths.  I bought mine at Target: 12 for $17.  From quarter-yard pieces of fabric, I cut 6-inch wide pieces.  So my fabric pieces ended up about 17 or 18 inches by 6 inches.  Then I turned under the long side seams 1/2 inch, ironed the seams and pinned the fabric to the middle of the unfolded burp cloth (the long way).  Then I sewed the two pieces together close to the long edge of the fabric.

To finish the short edges, I serged them across the entire cloth.  These are as quick to make as you are hoping they are.  I had 8 done in about an hour or so.  This pile is for a set of two little nephews arriving soon, so I tried to keep the fabrics boyish (or at least gender-neutral).

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  1. Wonderful gift too!!! They will come in so handy.