Wednesday, June 22, 2011

mommy I cracked my arm

Yep.  Two fractured bones.  This little guy fell off a moon bounce slide at camp yesterday and fractured both lower arm bones in his left arm.  Poor little man.  But don't let him fool you.  He was just being silly in the photo above.  He usually looks like this even with a broken arm.

The emergency room didn't have any kid-sized arm slings, so they gave him an adult small that, after some finagling, was wearable for his 5-year-old arm.  But who would deny me the chance to sew something better when I see the need.  Certainly not this guy.  He was all in.

I spent 2 hours last night while he was sleeping constructing this sling.  I made the strap adjustable because I didn't know exactly where his arm would fall.  I lined both the sling and the strap with quilt batting and added a layer of light blue fleece to the inside for extra softness and warmth . . . not that he can feel anything with that arm or that his arm would get cold in the middle of summer.

While I was telling the grandparents over the phone about the broken bones, Logan commented that I shouldn't say that the bones are broken because it makes him think that something fell off his arm.  To be fully correct I should say that he cracked his arm.  As you wish, my dear.


  1. Ahhh....poor little guy! Love the sling!!!! Hope he is on the mend quickly.

  2. Bummer to hear! Super cute sling though!

  3. This sling is so cute. You should make some and sell to medical equipment companies! Anyway, it is adorable and the little boy is pretty darn cute himself!

  4. this is by far the nicest sling I have seen! Of course who looks for cute slings unless they have a child with a break?! Ive googled and there are some out there... but I want the fleece lining! I am hoping my mom can make one for Ayva...
    I would totally purchase your sling if you sell them?!

  5. Also- Ayva insists she cracked her arm and doesn't like when we say break! Too funny!

  6. Hope your little boy is better. Do you sell the type of sling you made for your little boy or have a pattern?