Saturday, January 28, 2012

a double wrapped simple cowl

This is a super simple cowl to crochet.  I bought this yarn last month thinking I would make a hat.  But I've been making a lot of hats lately (although I guess none were for me), so I decided to make something else.  This is super bulky acrylic yarn that I got at JoAnn's.  It was one of the bulk packs and it has slubs of yarn for added interest.

I found the tutorial at Crochet In Color.  Liz has several great (free) tutorials.  She calls this the Effortless Cowl and it really lives up to its name.  I was tempted to change it up a little because it's so simple, but I thought that with the added texture of this yarn that any extra details would get lost.

I have the cowl double wrapped around my head in the photos above.  I usually find things that have to be wrapped a little to finicky for my taste, but I decided to give this a try because Liz made hers look amazing!  There is still plenty of room to move my head around and the combination of extra thick yarn and a double layer keeps me nice and warm.  I'm not sure I would wear it to play in the snow with the boys, but it works well for just walking around.

This is how long the cowl is without being wrapped.  It reaches my waist.  Please excuse my weird expression in the photo below.  I was in charge of my own photo shoot here and it looks like I was more concerned that I was pushing the right button.

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