Thursday, February 2, 2012

a pair of {feminine} slippers

I just love these slippers!  They are so cute and they worked up pretty quickly.  I purchased the crochet pattern from Holland Designs, the same place I purchased the pattern for this hat.

The pattern doesn't call for a color change, but I think they turned out really great.  I just love the yellow and gray color combination (again, I'm probably behind the color trend here since gray and yellow popped up at least a year ago).  Such a nice transition.  And this button strap is super feminine and functional; the slippers really stay put.

I made a couple of other changes to the pattern, too.  I took in the one side of the soles a little in the middle so they would resemble feet better.  What's funny about that, though, is that I reversed the shoes when I added the strap so it's like I'm wearing them on the wrong feet!  But I can't tell at all, so maybe this adjustment was unnecessary.  I also wasn't too excited about single crocheting the sole, so I double crocheted instead to work them up faster.  I love the result.

I may try to add a faux leather sole so the slippers don't wear out so quickly.  I have no experience with hand crocheted slippers, so I'm not really sure how long it would take to wear out the sole.  But I'm not willing to take the chance because I adore these.

I've been thinking that I might need another pair so they won't wear out so quickly . . . I have plenty of other color combinations in mind.

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