Wednesday, February 17, 2010

accordian album {sisters}

I spent this past weekend digging through boxes of craft supplies that I stored away when we first moved here almost 4 years ago.  Let me tell you, it was like hitting the craft store jackpot (well, not quite as good because there was no fabric but I did find a few full spools of thread!).

In addition to finding all kinds of supplies, I also found some of my earlier crafts.  For a while before we moved here, I was really into scrapbooking and paper crafts of all kinds.  Someday I will get around to paper crafting again, but I thought I would share one of my favorite projects that I completed more than 4 years ago.

This project was inspired from a book called Creative Albums by Donna Downey.  Donna is the best I've ever seen at combining photos and journaling in unique ways.

I used one photo for this entire project, a photo of me and my sisters and niece (we really look nothin alike).  I simply cropped the photo to each of our faces for the tags and used the computer to print the chosen adjective (I very much dislike my handwriting).

This album folds up with a tie to store away, but once I have my dream craft room, there will be no need for that tie.  I think the inside is too pretty to hide away.

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