Saturday, February 27, 2010

a boyish messenger bag

I finished another gift for Logan for his 4th birthday.  I wanted him to have a bag to carry around all of his goodies when we go out so I can stop carrying them in the diaper bag.  Not that I mind, but it gets a little crowded in there sometimes.  And, of course, he needs a way to transport his new wallet!

So I decided to make him a smaller messenger bag like the one I just made for a friend because, aside from a backpack, I can't think of any other type of bag that would be even semi-masculine, or boyish as I like to call it.

The oldtime cars fabric is called Historic Highway and I bought it at JoAnn's with a lap quilt in mind for Logan.  But for some reason I bought 2 yards when 1 will do for the size I plan to make him.  So I decided to use some of it for the bag.  I had the camel-color canvas fabric in my stash.

I had something else in mind for the flap, but then I realized that it didn't really go with the bag (I was going to use one of Logan's old t-shirts, but I picked one with a skull...that doesn't exactly mesh with historic cars).  I cut out two designs from the fabric and ironed interfacing on the back to make them stronger.  Then I just stitched them on using a regular straight stitch (I think my machine has only one zigzag stitch length and it's kind of long for any type of applique, and I like the look of the straight stitch anyway).

I included a pocket on the inside made from one of Logan's old onesies that Trenton never wore.  I kept the little pocket on the front because I think it's really cute.  Functional?  Probably not.  But cute nonetheless.

I also added a couple of twill ribbon loops.  I meant to add these in the side seams, but I forgot so I added them on top. 

These aren't just decorative, though.  Oh no, these loops will serve a purpose.  These loops will be perfect for attaching these neat trinket keepers to better organize the bag.  If there is one thing I can't stand, it's disorganization inside of a bag.  So I thought I would make a trinket keeper big enough to hold a bottle (or sippy cup) of water since we always have some of those with us.  He can also attach a trinket holder filled with couple of small toys or even snacks (since we always have those with us, too, to curb meltdowns).

Here is the back.

Again, I thought that the camel canvas was too plain to be on its own for a boy's bag, so I added this fabric patch to the back and I'm glad I did.  It pulls the bag together. 

I thought about going with the traditional camel canvas strap, but once again, way too boring for this active kid.  So I decided to use the Historic Highway fabric on one side and dark brown, so soft minkee on the other.  Minkee was a little more difficult to sew (I didn't know it would stretch a little), but I figured it out and it turned out fabulous (don't tell the hub that I use words like "fabulous" to describe projects for the boys).

Here is one last thing I would like to share.  This is my label: bad alligator.  I will share the story of the name another time.

I think that every self-respecting sewer should have a label to claim all that she has created.  Although the list of sewing projects is short for me right now, I do plan to attach this little thing to everything!  For now, I am just ironing on the image that I print from my computer and the quality isn't great.  Maybe someday I will have some real labels to give my project a more professional touch . . . I use the term "professional" very loosely.

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