Sunday, April 11, 2010

little girly skirt

My sister requested that I make a gift for her friend's daughter who will turn 2 this month.  Since I don't have any girls of my own, I have to recruit other people's kids to satisfy my urge to make things super girly. 

I love this fabric!  I found both at Hobby Lobby which (a little surprisingly) has some really fun and modern feminine fabric.  And after seeing these two together, I'm considering making a return trip for something for me.

I used this tutorial as inspiration for the skirt.  There are some great tutorials out there, but this one is my favorite.  I skipped the pockets because I was short on time, but they would have looked uber delightful. 

This skirt was extremely simple.  I even used a fancy french seam on the inside because I don't have a serger; it hides the raw threads so they won't fray.  But the elastic casing gave me all kinds of problems (again) so I think I will have to find a better way to add elastic; I probably just have to make the casing wider.  After all the fuss, it turned out pretty great.

To accessorize, I included a matching headband.  I had to use my 18-month-old's head as a test (and I used him as a model for the skirt . . . I think he liked it).  For this headband, I just made a casing (wider than the elastic this time) and let the elastic flow freely through the band.  This way, the headband can fit any head smaller than the elastic can stretch.

I hope this little girl has a very happy second birthday.

My cooperative model . . .

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