Monday, April 19, 2010

t-shirt transformation: boys pajama shorts

I have a basket that overflows, not-so-neatly, with t-shirts too sentimental to give away but too big wear.  I save them for future projects but this future rarely comes quickly.  With a little extra time this weekend but little energy to start a large project (I'm conquering a sinus infection), I decided to make Logan some pajama shorts.  None of these t-shirts is in good enough shape to make shorts that will actually be seen by other people, so they'll just have to be pajamas.  (The photos don't lie . . . the t-shirts are really faded.)

I made these pajamas using McCalls #4283, the same pattern that I used for his pajama pants.  But since those pants were way too big, I trimmed an inch off each side which seemed to work a lot better.

I made these shorts from my brother's old brown Dale Earnhart t-shirt left over from a Jimmi bag.  I used the original hem at the bottom of the shirt because I was lazy and included a regular elastic waistband.  I also added a dog applique from the pack of scotties that my sister sent me.  Logan spent a whole 3 minutes looking over the dog, so I think it meets his specs.

These black shorts were made from one of the hub's ARMY t-shirts that had a couple of holes.  I made them with a drawstring because I just happened to have a black drawstring laying around from some other garment that probably has no way to close.  I had to hem the bottom of these, so they turned out like shorty shorts and the drawstring makes them look a little girly.  But since they are black and they say ARMY, I think I fooled everyone.

After seeing that there was a little bit of unwanted bulk in the front of the brown shorts, I decided to swoop down the front waistband of the black shorts.  This got rid of most of the bulk and the black shorts sit nicely below the potbelly.

So nice, I think we have an admirer . . .

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