Saturday, March 27, 2010

fabulous new notions

I just received these in the mail from my sister, Laura!  What a lovely girl.  She sent them as a pre-thankyou for all the items she requested lately (her 28th birthday is coming up in a couple of weeks and there are about 10 things on her wish list).  But really, I feel like I'm the only one making out in this deal because not only do I have an excuse to buy new fabric and make stuff, I get a ton of new accessories to use!

Each of these supplies was purchased on Etsy.  These YKK zippers are sold by kandcsupplies.  They have an assortment of colors and sizes for about $0.50 each.  The scottie dog appliques and swivel clasps came from twpmango.  There are all kinds of different swivel clasps and appliques on that site.  I just might have to take a visit myself.

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