Wednesday, March 10, 2010

transformers birthday cake :: handmade

Yep.  This is the Transformers cake that Logan requested for his fourth birthday.  An exact replica of what he imagined and talked about for weeks extracted directly from his mind in detail onto this very cake.  No, probably not.  But this is my interpretation.

This idea might have worked out better on a larger sheet cake, but we only had three adults and two children (both belonging to me) at this party.  So I didn't want to go the sheet cake route this year because we always have so much left over that can't possibly be finished.  Plus, I prefer the look of a round cake; it's quaint. 

Duncan Hines to helped with the cake but the rest was all up to me.  I had white and chocolate frosting to top her off, but the hub got into the chocolate leaving me a mere two spoonsful.  So I decided to mix the small bit of chocolate with a good portion of white and, of course, I came out with a light grey.  That concoction makes up the ground in the scene.

For anyone Transformer-challenged, I have included this photo to set the scene for you.

Did this turn out as well in real-life as I spent weeks creating in my head?  Not so much.  But sometimes things work that way.  And I can stamp it with the "handmade by mom" seal and I guarantee it's the only one of its kind.  The effort is what really seemed to matter . . . well, and the removable, playable abundance of Transformers figurines.  A take away always helps.  Logan told me the next morning, "Mom, I'm so proud of you for making my Transformers cake."  Definitely worth the effort.

Happy 4th Birthday Buddy!


  1. Hi! This is awesome! Are those mini transformers? If so where did you get them?

  2. I am making this cake! Mine will be a 9x13 and I only have 2 transformers to put on it...but I am MAKING IT! Thanks for the idea. Everything else I've seen was way too hard and or not really hand-made by a mom. But this? This is so us! My son will be 7 and it is exactly what he wants. Thanks for the great idea!