Sunday, March 7, 2010

old-time roadster quilt :: complete

I finished Logan's birthday quilt last night and I've decided that I love it.  I would have done a few things differently with the placement of the car fabric, but I guess that would defeat the attempt at "randomness" (the lack of symmetry bugs me a little, but I'm getting over it).  So, despite the repetition of a couple of pieces, I've decided to love it.

Here is the back.  I had plenty of brown minkee laying around and wanted to try it out on something bigger than the messenger bag strap.  It's super soft and I think it makes a good quilt back by adding texture.  But, of course, I couldn't just go with a solid brown back. 

And can you tell what this is?  (It's not a cat.)

How about if I turn it like this?  I had a long blank rectangle that was screaming for embellishment.

Once again, I had quite the dilemma when trying to decide how to quilt it.  I still haven't had the time to work out the use of my darning foot.  But in honor of the geometric shapes that fill in the gaps between roadsters, I simply quilted lines at random angles.  It looks a little messy in this photo, but I like it real-life.

I really wanted to bind the quilt with the same green that I used for the sashing.  That color really grew on me.  But I only bought a quarter yard and ran out well before I had to bind the quilt.  So I was stuck with red, but I did manage to squeeze in a strip of blue and a strip of green on the sides.  I'm surprised that I like it. 

But the biggest surprise of all . . .

 I hand sewed the binding to the back!! 

Yes, I really did it.  I can't believe it either.  I thought that if I was ever going to try to hand sew the binding that this was the quilt to try it with.  It is a lot smaller than a normal lap quilt so if I hated it, I wouldn't have to endure the torture for long.  But I secretly enjoyed it.  It was kind of relaxing and very satisfying.  Hand sewing the back is so much neater.

I really hope the little man enjoys it as much as I do.  I have visions of him requesting this blankie over his absolute-favorite-since-he-was-born blankie that a friend's mom crocheted for him.  But that's asking a lot, so I will settle for a excited squeal and a hug when he opens it.

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