Tuesday, March 29, 2011

shamrock shirt {happy st. patrick's day}

Here is another boy's t-shirt that I made from t-shirt scraps.  I just love creating t-shirts for my boys.  When I asked my 5-year-old if I could make him a shamrock shirt for St. Patrick's Day, he told me that I can make him everything that I want to make him.  He even prayed during grace that God would help me make one.  He is such a great audience for my projects.

Now that I've drafted my raglan sleeve patterns for my two boys, I spend much of my time things of new details to add to make the shirt unique.

In this shirt, I added not only a shamrock from a green knit, but also green stripes on the sleeve.  These were very easy to add with the help of double sided fusible web.  I used the kind sold by the yard that I use for all my appliques, but I know similar stuff comes in rolls that is more likely used for hems and bias tape.  That stuff would probably have worked great here.

I actually ran out of black t-shirt scraps for the sleeves, so I decided to go with the "mock double-shirt sleeve."  I used scraps from a white t-shirt to continue the sleeves.  I just sewed them to the short sleeve hem on the inside of the sleeve.

The best part about the construction of this shirt is that I was able to use all existing hems.  There are 5 hems on this shirt: one on each short sleeve, one on each long sleeve, and the bottom hem.  And I didn't have to sew one of them.  I really don't mind sewing hems, but it does cut down on completion time.

I really do like the details on this shirt.  This is a new twist on my favorite shirt pattern proving just how versitle one pattern can be.

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