Wednesday, March 16, 2011

swimsuit cover-ups {little boy and mommy}

We recently took a family trip to an indoor waterpark to celebrate Logan's fifth birthday.  I wanted to make both of the boys a swimsuit cover-up, but as usual, I had more imagination than time.  My idea was to transform an adult-sized robe into two little cover-ups, but my first attempt proved a little more snug on Logan than I thought it should be.  So I passed it down to the little brother.  And then I ran out of robe.  So Logan's will have to wait.

I gave this little boys cover-up inset sleeves, but if you are thinking of making one for your little boy, skip the separate sleeves and go kimono (or dolman) style.

I added this trim for an extra bit of boy color.  A swim cover-up, unfortunately, is not something that screams boy, so I tried to make it unmistakably boyish.

And a hood helps with that mission, too.

I'm not sure the tie at the waist is particularly boyish, but it's blue jersey knit from my t-shirt scraps.  I thought the cover-up needed a little waist definition.  I sewed a casing around the waist on the inside with regular cotton woven fabric and threaded the tie through it.  Then I cut a couple of tiny holes to pull the tie through the front on both sides.

It keeps him warm, so we're both happy.

And this one I made for me.  I used a yard of dark purple terry and sewed a basic rectangle.  I made a casing at the top with cotton woven and threaded elastic through it.  I would definitely recommend straps and I might add some.  It's a little too easy for this to slide down . . . but maybe that's just a small bust problem.

I left the bottom edge frayed and sewed a couple lines of stitching to prevent too much fraying.

And because I love extra details, I added a couple of in-seam pockets.  Genius idea, just not carried out all that well.  I didn't measure where I put them so they are a little too low to be really useful.  But it did help me understand how these types of pockets are formed.

A good start for my first attempt at both types.  Now if Summer would just come a little quicker.

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