Saturday, January 16, 2010

craft supply score in michigan

When we went to Michigan last week to visit family for the holidays, I didn't take any crafting materials with me.  I don't get to see my family or my inlaws that often so I decided to concentrate on spending time with them.  But as I mentioned in my previous post, I did teach my self to knit--I can't stand being "unproductive" for too long.

But another thing that I thought would help satisfy my craft addiction was to visit a few fabric stores.  I found a quilting store online just down the road from my inlaws.  This was my first trip to a quilting store, so it was a bit overwhelming (not to mention more expensive than I'm used to paying at JoAnn's but I expected that).

After about 40 minutes, here is what I came out with . . .

The green fabric was cut from the bolt, but I can't remember the designer.  The others are fat quarters.  I bought the green and blue fabrics with the intention of making a carrier for the Wii, but now I think they will make a much better knitting bag for me.  The brown and pink I bought to make myself a purse.

I also found this fabric.  Again it's a fat quarter, so I don't know the designer.

My sister, Laura, loves stuff like this.  I'll figure out something.

Our trip to see my family also paid off quite well.  Instead of hitting a quilting store there, I decided just to visit Hobby Lobby.  There would be something for everyone there. 

This is the loot . . .

The large cuts of fabric are for my dad's Stars & Stripes quilt.  I the remnants are for a bib for a friend having a baby soon and the ribbon is just for fun--it was 50% off.

My mom then asked me to go through her bins of fabric and take what I wanted to reduce her stash.  Man, that's the ultimate request.

I did find a few large cuts that she bought for a purpose and never used.  The others were scraps, many at least half a yard.  In addition to these fabrics shown, I also scored some solids including lots of versitile black.

My great (and perhaps great-great) grandma gave my mom some fabric many, many years ago that she never did anything with.  I took most of that, too.  Some of it I would never have picked out myself, but it might look nice in small chunks, like in a quilt or something.  I am also not one to pass up free fabric because I can always use it to practice new designs.

And these were my great grandmothers which will come in handy someday . . .

She also gave me all of this to support my newest medium . . .

and these, which will save me a ton of money . . .

Now I really need a knitting bag!  So a special Thank You goes out to my mother who gave me the supplies to keep me interested in sewing, knitting, and crocheting for long time--at least until our next trip to Michigan.

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