Thursday, January 14, 2010

learn to knit :: check

Look what I learned how to do on our 8-hour trip to Michigan! I figured that learning to knit would come sometime later in my life when I was tired of every other medium; the perceived tedium of knitting never really sparked my flame. And then I realized that I would have to go 11 whole days without crafting . . . not exactly my idea of a vacation.

So after reluctantly dismissing my well-thought-out plan to lug my sewing machine, fabric and accessories with us, I had an epiphany: knitting is the perfect traveling craft! I only needed a set of needles and a ball of yarn (okay, and a knitting book since I hadn't the slightest idea how to begin) which could easily fit on my lap or next to my feet in the car. At JoAnn's, I picked up a solid light blue acrylic yarn for practice and a 100% wool multicolored yarn that matched Logan's new winter coat.

And my plan worked perfectly.  I didn't get much time to practice my newfound skill on the way there (I learned the basics but didn't turn out any real product) as I was tending to two youngins who, although were exerting no energy riding in a seat for 8 hours, constantly needed snacks and attention.  I had more time at the inlaws to practice, and practice I did.  After casting on 55 stitches on the blue yarn and knitting 6 rows, I decided that the piece was too long (time consuming, actually) to be anything but a scarf for Buzz Lightyear--I'm sure Space Rangers need extra warmth in the winter too. 

So after teaching myself to bind off, I moved straight to the yarn I bought to match Logan's coat.  I suppose that multicolored yarn is a great way to add interest to a product without the hassle of using additional yarn, but I'm not in love with the pattern it made on the scarf. I think I also thought that there would be more green. But who cares . . . I added a medium to my repetoire and Logan has a new item that I handcrafted for him and he can't get enough of those (that attitude won't last forever so I will exploit it while I can).

This first scarf was made using only the knit stitch--thisis referred to as garter, right?  I really like the look of ribs, so I would like to make a scarf with ribbed stitch once I learn to purl (that sounds like a great task for next week while I watch Monday night sitcoms and Logan asks me a bazillion questions about what I and the people on tv are doing, want to do, and thinking about doing). I also think it would be fun to knit a pair of mittens and a hat someday . . . oh, and somesocks . . . and a purse . . . and maybe learn to crochet a blanket . . .

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