Sunday, January 17, 2010

pink baby bib

This was my Sunday project.  Friends of ours are due in February and I wanted to make them something special.  The hub wanted to get the gift out soon, so I knew that I didn't have time for a blanket or quilt.  I had to go with something much simpler which is actually better because I have so many projects I want to get to.  I knew that a bib would be simple and I decided to make it even more fun by personalizing it--the baby's name is only 3 letters afterall, so I knew I wouldn't get overhelmed.

I have seen a few tutorials online for making bibs, but I couldn't remember any of them and didn't want to take the time to look (rather, I know myself and I would venture to projects beyond bibs and end up with an even longer list of projects).  I basically made a quilt bib without the quilting . . . hopefully that works because I'm a little nervous that the layers will shift around since I didn't quilt them together.  I did manage to quilt a few triangles in the center to reduce the chance for this to happen.

I intended to zigzag them to the bib, but after practicing on some scraps, I realized it was not going to turn out well.  So I simply sewed them on with the smallest stitch length.  The edges will fray and the interfacing that I used to strengthen the appliques shows though slightly, adding an interesting outline.  I really like this look--kind of shabby and definitely a touch of crafted-by-hand-with-love.  (I am a bit of a perfectionist, so it surprises me that I like my crafts this way.)  Hopefully the parents will appreciate the effort . . . that's who we make these baby items for anyway, isn't it?

The fabrics for the main parts of the bib were remnants from Hobby Lobby that I picked up last week in Michigan. The letters were cut from one of the fabrics I took from my mom's stash. I had pink thread and some leftover batting, so the total cost of the project came to around $2.50 and I still have plenty of fabric left.

This is the back . . .

It is both thrilling and frustrating thinking of all the possible ways to put something together.  I knew exactly how I wanted the front to look, but the back took much longer because I couldn't decide on a design.  I went with something very simple, but I went though at least 10 different possibilities before settling on this . . . and this is just a baby bib.

And these are 3 little outfits that I picked up at Carter's a couple of weeks ago.  I think they coordinate well with my bib. 

Too much pink, though? 

Nah, not possible when you're constantly wrapped in a world of baby boy blues.

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