Wednesday, January 12, 2011

my pattern worked! {in the end}

My pattern (ultimately) worked!  The goal was to make a long sleeve t-shirt pattern to fit my 2-year-old (in this cute little kid print knit). I haven't been able to find a slimmer fitting pattern that small, so I decided to make my own pattern. This would allow me the flexibility to easily alter the pattern and make it as slim, long, short or otherwise that met my fancy.

This pattern was almost perfect . . . for my 4-year-old. I'm not sure how but the pattern helped me make a simple t-shirt large enough to fit Logan. So it wasn't a total waste. And he was ridiculously happy to have it.

The only modifications that I have to make are to add a little length to the bottom of the shirt pattern and maybe drop the neckline just slightly. I added this extra trim layer at the bottom that I cut from an existing t-shirt to give the shirt a little more length (and extra character).

And if this was a confessional, I would tell you about how I totally screwed up the ribbing at the neck by cutting it the same length as the perimeter of the neckline. So it sagged terribly. After researching the proper way to attach ribbing, I recut the ribbing at 75% of the total length of the perimeter of the neck. Much better! And you can't even tell that I had to rip and redo! So I'm not confessing anything.

A successful project for sure! I traced the pattern and adjusted it a little to better fit my 2-year-old. So I will have to test it out again once I find some cute (boyish) knit prints.
And I have a pants pattern to go with it (a pajama set) that I'm dying to try.  Maybe this weekend.

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