Monday, January 17, 2011

my challenge this week

Amy from Amy's Creative Side is holding her monthly challenge this week.  The idea is to commit to something this week, document the commitment to make it official, and then just do it.  Then we get to link up on her blog and see what everyone else was able to complete in a week.

I spent a few hours this past weekend cutting up the hub's old t-shirts to make him a t-shirt quilt for his birthday next week.  So my challenge to myself this week is to complete the quilt top.  I will have to quilt it this weekend, so the first part of my goal is to finish the quilt top before Saturday (hopefully that doesn't mean a Friday all-nighter).

This is a fun way to set a goal.  We girls always work better in groups.  So even if you're not particularly crafty and are part of my family and are reading this post out of obligation, I challenge you, too, to commit to something this week and do it.  Come on.  It'll be fun!

Amy's Creative Side


  1. I do love Amy's One Thing One Week challenge - it's good to have a goal to work on! Can't wait to see your quilt!

  2. Awesome idea Michelle! And a great way to preserve some memories by keeping those old "shirts" around for a long time to come! I am always thrilled to see your newest designs and completed projects. Don't know where you get all the energy!!! :)