Sunday, January 9, 2011

patternmaking . . .

I just love patterns!  I have accumulated quite a few and I estimate that I have actually used about 1% of them.  I guess it's for lack of time.  Most of the patterns I have are for making clothes for me and with all the other sewing that goes on in this house, there's just not much time left over for me.  Alas, the life of a mom.

I am working on a shirt patterns for the boys.  I have a pants pattern for my 4-year-old that has been used more than any other pattern, but it's a little big and I can never get the adjustments quite right (because I don't record them, I sure).  So I've decided to make my own patterns that fit them exactly right . . . until the next growth spurt, I guess.

So that's what I'm up to right now . . . and it's really fun!


  1. I'm impressed! I gave up sewing for me a long time ago - it got to be cheaper to buy clothes than to make them - but I still sew clothes for my granddaughter sometimes. I know how to make my own patterns, but usually limit it to altering store-bought patterns. So - good for you!!

  2. It looks like fun and I am sure they make up beautifully.