Saturday, December 12, 2009

purpose of this blog

Okay, so I admit...I've never understood the purpose of "blogs." I thought of them as a way for people to feel important by posting thoughts and ideas to the web for everyone to read. And the phrase "check out my blog" just sounds so self-promoting. But after inadvertently connecting to a sewing blog with fantastically creative ideas, I realized that this is a great place to house ideas, thoughts, links, projects, and the like and I am really excited to get organized!

I will use this blog as a place to track crafting ideas and showcase my projects. It will be a great way to organize all my project ideas as well as track my progress. I should be able to look back on my posts for inspiration and to motivate me to continue challenging my creativity. This will be the crafting journal that will keep my mind busy when old hands are too shaky to create.

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