Friday, December 25, 2009

snowman treats

Logan and I spent a night this week making (not so attractive but still a good idea) snowmen from rice krispie treats. We just cooked up a batch of marshmallowy krispies (courtsey Kellogg) and started shaping balls and pushing them one of top of the other. In assembly line fashion, I shaped the snowmen and placed peanut butter where the buttons, eyes, and hat would go. Logan handled the accessories, carefully positioning m&m's for buttons and eyes and his choice of a peanut butter cup, rolo, or kiss for a hat.

The only advice I have is to make sure that you have time to shape the krispies before they harden. So take it from me: make sure that your one-year-old has eaten plenty of dinner and you three-year-old has relieved himself before you start. It will make this project more successful.

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