Saturday, December 19, 2009

sewing kit

This sewing kit was another one of my projects from the One Yard Wonders book. I had kept all of my sewing stuff in one box, but it was getting rather full since I started my sewing binge. So I needed somewhere to organize the things I use the most and a large organizer isn't in the budget right now. Besides, I wouldn't consider myself a sewing junkie (yet), so I really don't have that much stuff. Just the basics and a few notions that I picked up recently that will be used within the week.

So this design works fine for my needs right now, and, bonus!, it also works as travel kit in case I ever decide to bring my hobby with me.

I modified the design from the book a little bit to better fit my needs. I added pockets--including a double pocket (that's what I'm calling it) where there is an additional shorter sleeve on the outside of a pocket (see the snaps and buttons if you can)--and attempted an elastic band to hold a few other things. But I guess I probably should have known at the time what I wanted the elastic to hold because I couldn't really find much that was short enough to fit the trifold design. I decided to put the extra elastic there as well as my measuring tape but I have yet to find anything to fit the third space.

Oh well...I think it turned out great and it really does help keep me organized. And this was my first project to include bias tape on the edges of the pockets which I think give the pockets a more professional look (telling yourself this doesn't really hurt anyone).

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