Tuesday, December 15, 2009

wrist pin cushion

This is the first project that I created from the One-Yard Wonders book that I bought. I needed some place to put all of my pins and since I am constantly misplacing items, I thought that a wrist cushion would be the best way to go. I decided to make mine circular because I thought a circle look better with the dots on my fabric. The book makes the cushion a little more complicated than I made mine; I just sewed together 2 pieces of fabric cut into circles and stuffed it as much as possible because I didn't want my new long, pearl-capped pins (they're so stylish) to poke my wrist.

I used the instructions from the book to make the wrist strap but apparently I took too many liberties with the length. It would be nice if the strap was longer because the velcro only slightly overlaps. I don't think the velcro will come undone, but I would make the strap about an inch or two longer next time. I also sewed the velcro opposite of what the book told me to do.

The book said to sew the hooks (the rougher part) to the part of the strap that would face up from my wrist. But that didn't make any sense to me...I thought it should be the other way so that the hooks would face down and more easily grab the loops. But I was way wrong because, with the strap just a little too short, the rough velcro hooks rub against my wrist. So I would change that next time, too. But at least now I understand the intricacies of velcro.

You can also see in the photo that this project was completed before I understood the importance of the clipping curves and the art of slipstitching--you can see where I whipstitched the opening of the cushion closed.  I am already laughing at myself...

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