Monday, December 14, 2009

my new favorite book

I was at Barnes & Noble the other day trying to find a sewing project book. I had been through this section many times before and never found a book that had enough appealing projects to justify the cost (I'm on a tight budget). But this time I had a gift certificate, so I was determined to leave with something.

I was just about to give up (I had Logan with me, so I didn't really have time to spend searching the contents of each book) until I came across a book titled One-Yard Wonders by Rebecca Yaker. This book contains instructions to 101 projects (+5 if you get the B&N special edition) that can be completed with one yard of fabric or less. Hallelujah! For a girl on small budget who spends much of her time at JoAnn's rustling through the remnant section, this book is a gold mine.

There is so much packed into this book: storage solutions, totes and bags, baby gear, stuffed animals, things to wear, and the cutest little girls' outfits (for which I would have to borrow a young girl as I have none). This is definitely a book that I will use over and over again. I have already created five projects from this book and have looked to it for inspiration on a few others...probably the best $21 I have ever spent.

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